Girls basketball tryouts coming up

Get ready to run the fastest you've ever run and play the hardest you've ever played to make the cut for girls basketball!


Kimberly Miller

GIRLS TRYOUTS- Posters of girls basketball tryouts are all over the halls if you need reminders.

Kimberly Miller, Reporter

Basketball season is approaching and the coaches are preparing to select their teams! Girls basketball tryouts is October 29-31, on the 29th Freshman/JV are in the main gym from 4-6pm and Varsity is also in the main gym from 6:30-8:30pm, Tuesday is the same and Wednesday Freshman, JV, and Varsity are in the main gym from 4-6pm. The main coach boy’s coach is Tyler Pearson in room C41, says “Attitude means success here at Highland so we’re looking for a good attitude and obviously skill but attitude means a lot and being a good teammate.” If there are any further questions on tryouts you can contact Mr. Pearson or Tony Green who is the coach for girls basketball.