Crocs, hit or miss

Crocs have had mixed views about them ever since they have been out.


Jordan Mayo

Allen Mayo's croc collection

Esmeralda Herrera, Writer

Crocs. They are a type of sandal shoe hybrid made of plastic that has mixed views from all around the world. Some hate crocs with all their passion, others love crocs. Maybe even enough to get a tattoo of one, like internet famous girl, Christine Sydelko, who got five free pairs of crocs shipped to her. Crocs has its many uses. It is easy to slip on for quick errands, yard work, or just for wearing in the house. Some people do not like using crocs on a really sunny day, because they get sweaty and the crocs get uncomfortable to be in after a long time. Others come prepared, such as Allen Mayo, the father of Freshman Jordan Mayo. “He has a special pair of socks to wear with his crocs” she said. Allen Mayo owns “at least” 10 pairs of crocs and has spent $400 on them. “Not all at once” he said with a chuckle. When asked how he felt about those who did not appreciate the shoes (or the haters), he said “They just don’t know”. Are crocs really all that bad? Or do people just not know, as Allen would say.