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Is a good alternative to websites like Wikipedia.'s home page, taken by Cameron Norton on October 10, 2018 is a website geared towards students who want to find information on a certain subject, namely for research purposes. Most claim that LiLI (Libraries Linking Idaho) is a good alternative to websites like Wikipedia. My main reasoning behind my belief that LiLI is simply another website trying to replace Google and make our government feel good is it (or rather the people that represent it) claims that other websites (namely poor Wikipedia) do not cite sources and can be edited by anyone. This is simply not true. As for the “Wikipedia does not cite sources” argument, literally just scroll down the page to where it says references. As for the latter, while it is true that Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone, not all of these edits make it into the article. When someone makes an edit to a Wikipedia page, around 10 to 20 randomly selected Wikipedia members approve or disapprove said edit. If the majority agree that the edit should make it, it makes it. Larger or more significant Wikipedia pages also are required to go through more people before they make it onto the site. So people, stop bashing Wikipedia!