The underlying code of dress code

The school dress code is a touchy subject for all students, and it brings up many different opinions.


Screenshot from Google search “dress code policies”, shows common dress code policies, taken by Cameron Norton on October 16, 2018

Cameron Norton, Thoms Siavashi, and Dalton Derie

How does the dress code affect our students and students in general? Are dress codes infringing rights? Or is it the people that are enforcing them infringing rights? One would think that getting in trouble for dress codes is based on how you actually dress and not based on teachers’ personal preference, or your grades, past experiences, or situations you might have been in. This is unfortunately not the case.

According to a survey conducted by our journalism team, 122 out of 163 Highland students have gotten in trouble for violating the dress code. Bad grades were the case with 78 students or around 64% of dress-coded students. Of those 78, another 75 had bad grades (F’s to C’s) in the class where they got in trouble.

Now, what does this say about how our students are singled out? Personally, I see around ten students violating the dress code each day. Almost all of them I see at some point during lunch or between periods. Never have I seen any wearing different clothes. I got one of my three friends to purposely violate the dress code by wearing ripped jeans and a belly shirt. She sat in the front desk in almost all of her classes and went 4 periods without getting in trouble. “Coincidentally”, she had a low C in the class she was dress-coded in. Her last class of the day, and the class where the teacher had made it clear that he did not want her in his class. She was quoted as saying, “The second I walked in, he noticed my belly shirt and ripped jeans, sending me to the office. Even though another girl walked in wearing the exact same outfit before I did. Of course he didn’t send her to the office, she had straight A’s in his class.”

Personally, I think all these “coincidences” are saying a lot about our school system. This is something that has been very clear to a lot of people, and hopefully it is now clear to you. Dress code is a very sore subject, and not something most teachers or students want to talk about.