Amazon is taking over

Amazon is popular among everyone, I have an aunt who purchases things weekly.


Savannah Hirsch

October 15, Dalton Derie logging into amazon to browse clothing

Ruby Kloh and Savannah Hirsch

Amazon is a rather huge right now, we all have bought or used something from Amazon, whether we know it or not. Matter of fact Amazon is considered a job opportunity for some.

If you could not already tell, Amazon is popular among everyone, I have an aunt who purchases things weekly. Every purchase is normally over a hundred dollars! Matter of fact 65% of Highland students use amazon frequently and spend quite a bit on it. Most students do not spend less than 20 dollars on their Amazon purchases. Some amazon purchases even go over 300 dollars a purchase. This brings up the question of, why do we use it so much?

One student, Hailey Slack, says, “Amazon is dope, you get stuff you could never get in town. I get too many gift cards!” Another student, Dilyn Graefe says, “Best way to get that anime merch!” So one of the major reasons is products, but what else?

Convenience! Out if all of the reasons why students like Amazon is the convenience of it. Student, Audrey Peterson says, “Amazon is awesome! I can wear my PJs and buy things I will only use once… Sign me up!”  Cydny W says, “Amazon makes it so I can stay home and eat food!” Amazon is not only convenient, but can provide you with products you cannot find in stores and is a job opportunity! They have plenty of virtual work from home jobs. As of today, October 16, 2018 you can be a partner success manager for a virtual location. You can also be a regional HR manager in the UK.

While Amazon has an overall good reputation, and most do enjoy it, 19% of highland students do not use or enjoy Amazon. The reason for that would be students do not think Amazon can provide them with what they want. One student, Anneka says, “Amazon doesn’t really give you the things in it that you want.”

It would be a lie for me to say that I have not had my own bad experiences with Amazon. I once tried to order Bluetooth headphones and they gave me vitamin pills! However it would also be a lie to say I have not had some really good service from Amazon. Is the occasional hassle wort using Amazon? That is up to you!