Here is the dish: school lunches

School needs to make changes to their school lunches, so that students can stay healthy.


Dalton Derie

Mrs. Eddie, Teen Living B teacher, grades the papers of her students assignments on being a parent.

Sophie Gagnon, Dalton Derie, and Kayt Godfrey


The school food here has many opinions that we personally do not think are very appetizing. The daily meal plan usually consists of fast food, a deli section, and a general meal. The food can be very greasy and does not always taste great. For example, the pizza here has pools of grease on it and of course, students would not want to eat that!

As someone who eats school lunch, I think that there are many things that the school can change to improve the quality of what they’re serving. Junior, Tippawan Srirat said that,”They should cook the food longer.” when asked what could be done to improve lunch.

We think school lunches should be improved. If students do not like the food they are getting, then they won’t want to eat. They might develop unhealthy habits of not eating, and growing students need to be able to eat a healthy amount of food each day., says that students that each a healthy lunch are over 300% more likely to do better in school than those that eat a less healthy lunch, like the lunch that the school provides. They also claim that students who eat school food are less likely to participate in after-school activities. Students that eat a healthy lunch are more likely to do better in school and out of school.

Mrs. Eddie, a teacher here thinks the food is okay for the most part. She does think it could be improved though. Eddie thinks that the cooks should cook foods instead of having it trucked in. “Cook more food on site. Maybe advanced cooking classes could even help make some dishes. More variety.”

We definitely think the food should be improved. Having foods cooked on site, not just warmed up from the freezer, would be way better tasting and healthier for students. Having homemade food would be great for anyone buying food too. Stay healthy Highland!