In case of an emergency

Real safety precautions and things people need to know in the occasion of an active shooter at the school.


Doorbell system in front of the school. Parents/visitors ring the doorbell and say who they are and what they need. The principal's secretary

Savannah Hirsch and Esmeralda Avalos

School shootings are not consistent, but they are not rare either. Many parents and students often think about what would happen if there were an active shooter in the school and what they would do. Some parents wonder if our procedures would protect all students. The truth is, the procedures will not protect everyone.

In reality, there is no perfect procedure so far to protect all students, but our school provides the most safe methods of what to do in case of a shooter in the building. We have two measures to take to protect the students as much as we can. One goes on for the whole school day. This is called the controlled access. All entrance doors to the school are locked and  teachers are recommended to keep their doors closed at all times, and/or locked.

The lock-down operation is in case there is an unknown man inside the school or if there is an active shooter inside. If you are upstairs, the main thing to do is to leave the building immediately, unless the shooter is nearby. If that were to happen, the procedures for that, and for classes downstairs, is to lock all doors, barricade it if possible, get into a corner, stay quiet, and protect yourself if you need to, meaning you can attack the attacker. Resource Officer Zimmerly says if the attacker is attempting to get into the room you are in, students and teachers have “The right to defend themselves, in any way, shape, or form”. Of course this is true. It is best to take action. On the other hand we are still “sitting ducks” which means that because we all have to attend school for so many hours our care is in the hands of the school.

Hundreds of students, teachers, and staff all located in one single building. There is never going to be guaranteed safety for everybody. In fact it is easy to be a target, especially to an influential teenager who feels uncomfortable in the school. What happens if that student gets an impression that removing the students, or even himself is the best option. The following day they decide to carry a gun with them in their backpack and unexpectedly opens fire in a classroom.

Some people agree that having designated faculty that had proper training and a level head under law enforcement approval it would be effective to keep a gun in a safe at school in case of an emergency. As people say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Mr. Parkin himself agrees with this concept. He stated “If they [the teachers at the Florida shooting] have had one more gun in the vicinity of the parkland massacre, it would have saved multiple lives, and that’s according to the Independent Sheriff’s office Investigation” So there is evidence that having a better method of self defense would make a dramatic change.