Students recommend taking care of mental health

Students were asked what kind of health aspect they struggled with the most.


Junior at Highland, Carolyn Miller, works hard on her medical terminology assignment in Mr. Beorchia’s medical terminology class.

Dalton Derie, Reporter

All of the different health aspects have an important roll in your everyday life. Whether it is mental, physical, or emotional health, they are all vital to keep up a good life. It is important to keep all health types healthy to make sure you can do well at school. A survey was conducted to see which health aspect students struggle with the most. The students all chose mental health. “Talk to someone about it,” said junior Carolyn Miller, when asked how to make it so you do not struggle with it as much. It is always important to speak up if you are struggling. It may feel like you are alone in your struggle, but there are many people around you who will help if you speak up and let them know how you are feeling. Think through your list of friends, teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches, parents, and religious leaders to find someone you feel comfortable to open up to.