Leave kids who vape alone


Ruby Kloh

Artistic rendering of a vape mod, drawn by Jordan Iverson.

Ruby Kloh and Jordan Iverson

Lets not lie, everybody knows someone who vapes, even if they do not know it. However, not everyone knows the affects that it has on you, to be honest it is not as bad as it is said to be.

We as a people are rude to anyone we see doing anything believed to be wrong. We trust blindly, without checking what the facts we read, and hear, there are pros and cons to everything.

First it is just wrong to judge someone for something as trivial as that. We are all human, no matter what. It is their choice, you are not the one doing it, so does it really matter? No, it does not.

Next, vape does not have any lasting effects as of now. In fact, since vape is rather new compared to cigarettes, there are not many studies, so who is to say if it is bad for you.

“Vape, and e-cigarettes, are 80%-85% less dangerous, at least.” says Kenneth Warner a tobacco policy researcher, to Webmd. That is over half!

Most fast food restaurants have lead in their food, that can cause cancer. We let children eat that, we eat it ourselves, everyday. If we allow that, and openly participate in it, why is this such a problem. Look at it as not being related to cigarettes, would you judge it then. I doubt it.

However it does have its problems! Pregnant women, no matter what should have anything to do with any sort of nicotine. It can also have affects on kids memories, attention, and overall development of their brains.

Are we not human? Are we people who discriminate against each other for something as small as this. If you are going to be against vaping be against cigarettes, be against alcohol, be against fast food, they are all very closely related. In the end what someone else does to their body doesn’t affect either. So, lets leave people who vape alone.