Class pets in action

Class pets may be a very useful things for schools!


Sophie Gagnon, Ruby Kloh, and Ashlee Smith

Class pets can be useful, in fact two of our own teachers have multiple class pets. First, we have Mr. Clinkscales with his turtle Vold-a-tort and his fish. Next we have Mr. Hopwood with his turtle Johnny, a leopard frog named Trevor, a leopard gecko named Harry, and a gopher snake named Severus.

Both teachers have very similar views on class pets, that they are very useful in class! Class pets when integrated into the right class properly like biology can be helpful. Having animals can be used for helping the class. They may be used for a specific class, like Zoology for example. They can be used as examples to learn from.

Mr. Hopwood thinks that class pets “Interest students in science and biology and the world around them.” The school also loves them too, he says, “The school loves them! All the kids love them! As far as I know nobody has any problems with them.”

Mr. Hopwood also told about how his animals are treated. He says, “For the most part, all my animals are treated very well. There was one incident last year were a student wrote on my turtle with a sharpie marker, they wrote some offensive things on there.” He also talks about how moving forward he uses it as an example so he has not had any problems.

Mr Clinkscales says, “I think they are useful because they show real life applications of stuff, and depending on what teaching, it can either be dealing with their anatomy, their physiology, feeding and care. So there are plenty of applications to have a class pet, unfortunately not all of them are completely justifiable.”

When it comes to what the school thinks about having a class pet Mr. Clinkscales says, “As long as there is a reason for it, and as long as class pets are maintained in accordance with policy, they’re fine.” Students he says “Love them, especially when you can tie them into any sort of lesson, it engages them.” He also says that they can be a distracting and the ones that he has are very easy to take care of.

Plenty of kids shows feature class pets! In fact, the kids show Wonderpets, features the life of three class pets. Even shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, feature class pets. Next time you see an episode of a show featuring class pets count it, see how many you find!

This is a top eight list of all the animals in Mr. CLinkscales and Mr. Hopwood’s Classroom’s