The unique connection between technology and social anxiety

Technology is dramatically effecting peoples behaviors, both negatively and positively changing how we connect with others.


Savannah Hirsch and Esmeralda Herrera

There is a good chance most people are reading this current article on some format of technology. Whether it be a phone or a computer, we all use technology. We use technology to communicate but is it affecting how we talk to each other?

Leticia Ackley says ” People rely so heavily on their phones, when they get into an uncomfortable situation they go straight to their phones”, this was her response after we asked her if she thinks technology is linked with social issues. Psychologically, this is true. We use our phones as a way to either hide ourselves or protect us from the real world.

Kids are being protected a bit too much in this generation. First-Time-Parents can freak out when their kids begin to cry and don’t stop, despite the parents’ efforts. Either the parents wait until the baby tires itself from crying or they give the kid an electronic device. Most parents chose the second choice. The kids later on grow up to revolve their lives around technology and NEED it to properly function. It also makes some of us aggressive.

Broadcast teacher, Mr. Parkin, says that when kids are giving their critics in his class, some of them can be rude because they’re “Used to just ripping each other on social media”. Another Highland student, Alayna Dutton, explains that talking to people in person can be uncomfortable because of her social anxiety, in her case, technology actually helps her be more social. Her classmate, Wyatt Hancock, reveals this truth after he said that it’s easier to just “Type words on a screen”.

For people who have a hard time communicating, technology may be very helpful in expressing their thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, some people have social anxiety because they feel it’s unnatural or uncomfortable to talk face to face with somebody. So yes, there is an obvious connection between social anxiety and technology, but at the end of the day it truly depends on the person if they have a positive or a negative connection between the two.