Drug use among teens

How drug users feel


Non- drug user

Kayt Godfrey, Cameron Norton, and Thomas Siavashi

Non drug users often wonder what goes through the head of teen drug users.  Adults wonder why they sometimes do not stop or get any help. However, most want to stop using whatever drug, but are not aware of the means to. They don’t believe that they can help.

A user who is addicted to drugs said “It’s much easier to put the needle in you arm than to get the help you need. ” Studies show that drugs alter the brain in a negative way. Decisions,  judgment and behavior change. At Highland, students have brought in marijuana. Officer Zimmerly said he infrequently finds drugs at Highland however. There have been zero incidents of drug use this year.

Some drug users believe that it is the most amazing feeling. They also feel as if they are “not a person.” Sometimes students don’t want to quit. The longer they do drugs, the more their bodies become more damaged. Teen users begin using drugs due to peer pressure. Some also use it as self medication due to their pain. Getting these types of drugs are “surprisingly easy to get.” Luckily, Highland has not had very many incidents with drugs. It still happens though. The rate of students who have tried drugs is unknown.