The case of the missing chromebook

Do you have any information on the missing Chromebook from room B05?


Taken on July 24, 2006 by Hamish2k, uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons

Cameron Norton, Reporter

Have you ever wanted a computer so bad that you decided to steal one from school? Okay, well maybe not that much, but apparently someone has. Chromebook #1 from room B05, Mr. Berger’s classroom, has gone missing as of September 21st. As the substitute stepping in for Mr. Berger put it, “Computer number one was found to be missing. If I find it in your lockers you’re in trouble.” Short and sweet, right? However, whether it was stolen or misplaced is yet to be determined. This may affect some students in his class to complete Mr. Berger’s assignments without the use of a phone or personal laptop.