A review on Reddit’s r/place

R/place was a huge success and a great source of entertainment.

Wyatt M., Reporter

The 4 day event held by Reddit called r/place was a peak of entertainment for many internet users. It was a celebration of April fools for Reddit, but to the people, it was a celebration of the internet.

There were many battles for territory and a lot of questionable art for a little while. There was also an abundance of nationalism. Over all, there were a lot of communities expressing their interests and ability to work as a team.

A lot of communities didn’t play by the rules. They got chrome extensions that allowed them to place infinite pixels on the map rather than waiting the 5 minutes that everyone else had to wait.

But when those communities used their bots, they stayed within their borders. Even if their borders were unreasonable, there’s something good to be said about that.

There was also a lot of controversy around streamers. Streamers often used their communities to create their own works which were often logos.

Though there were a few streamers in particular that simply organized to create art that everyone could generally agree on. Most streamers were widely disliked for using their influence to put their logo on what would’ve been a place for art.

XQC became the main scapegoat for this as he went around undoing art with 200,000+ live viewers making him the largest “bad streamer”.

Coming back to the bot communities, as we’ll call them that used bots, there was one in particular that caused war. France ended up taking about 5% of the entire map in one big rectangle in the bottom left.

Naturally, a lot of the streamers felt threatened by them and decided to go to war with them.

After a couple hours of streamers attacking the oversized french flag and those streamers negotiating with the french, a conclusion came to fruition. It was not the conclusion anyone expected, but many people would refer to it as poetic.

In the middle of the war between France and the Streamers, Reddit changed the color options to only be white meant that any further pixels placed would turn the canvas white.

The French flag immediately disappeared since they were a bot community and everything else started to go with it.

France was quick to react, though, by spelling out F-R-A-N-C-E in large white letters across the map. The streamers also had a quick response though, and stopped the letters from being legible.

A few hours later, and it was all gone. But before everyone left, the French and the Streamers were quick to come out as friends. All the drama they expressed was summed up to be an elaborate performance.

And they all lived happily ever after. All in all, it was a great source of entertainment, and I’m not the only one who can’t wait for when they do this again in 2027.