Yeti Brand Review

Yeti Cups and the brand over all how it provides to its name


Kaya Jenkins

A picture of a medium Yeti brand mug.

Kaya Jenkins, Reporter

Yeti is a brand with all of the thermoses and coolers that you could imagine that come in every shape size and color.

The brand is known for having the best temperature hold, keeping drinks right where you want them to be. It was started by two brothers who loved the outdoors and they did not disappoint when growing their brand.

Yeti cups are supposed to keep drinks cold and keep ice frozen. The cups and coolers hold up to this expectation very well.

Another expectation is that Yeti will keep drinks hot, and while a drink will not remain piping hot, it will be warm and at a good temperature. Lastly, I expect my coolers and drinks to be easy to get around.

With Yeti, this depends on the size you purchase. The big coolers and large tumblers are harder to transport and are heavier, however, small coolers and the medium to small tumblers transport easy.

you can purchase this item at supply and outdoor stores or online through their website. I would recommend this brand for all of your outdoor cooler and cup needs.

Yeti is a great way to provide a cold or hot drink.