Gravity Falls Review

One of the best shows to ever be on Disney


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The Gravity Falls TV show logo for Disney Channel.

Kadin Darrah, Reporter

Gravity Falls is an animated TV show about a brother and sister that are twins, named Mabel and Dipper. Over the summer their parents decide to make them stay at their Great Uncle Stan’s place, where they had to work in his tourist trap, The Mystery Shack

Dipper soon finds a journal labeled “3” hidden in the woods that proves that some strange stuff is going on in the small town. He starts to explore more and investigate using it.

He shares the book with his sister and they soon find a lot of unexplainable things.

Stan is then shown trying to repair something in a secret basement of the house, they also come across some government agents investigating the same things they are.

He and his sister find that Stanly their uncle is building a portal in his secret basement that he was using to attempt to get his brother back to the real world.

Their uncle doesn’t want the agents sniffing around because he does not want the portal to be found.

Paranormal investigator Stanford Pines was mad at Stanly for trying to re-activate it.

This also causes the main antagonist Bill Cipher to get into the real world and cause weirdness around the universe. However, the protagonists have the upper hand because Bill is unable to leave the town, allowing them to easier vanquish him.

I would suggest it to anyone looking to watch an action-filled, mysterious, and humorous show.

This show makes the viewer want to watch more by keeping them guessing and curious about what will happen next. In a show like this, I expect to see a lot of action and this show does a pretty good job of fulfilling that expectation, but there are a few episodes that don’t meet this as much as the others.

Gravity Falls is available on Hulu and Disney+, as well as for rent on a few other streaming platforms. I would recomend watching the siries from start to finish because it is a good story with amazing characters, and it is very interesting.