The Highland High School media center

What can you do at the media center?


Shyanne Strength

The entrance to the media center during ISAT make ups.

Kadin Darrah, Reporter

The Highland media center is located very close to the center of the school. It is a place where everyone is welcomed, it is not a place where you particularly have to be quiet all of the time like most libraries. You can find more than 11,000 books in the media center at highland. You can also find computers that are open for you to use at any time if you have n0 way of getting access to the internet.

There is a lot you can do in the media center. It can be a place to meet with your friends, go and eat lunch, have a little study time to yourself when you want. You are allowed to have food in the media center so you can eat in there as long as you pick up after yourself.

You can get any book from the library and if they don’t have that book there they will work with the other schools to see if they can get you that book. In the last 3 months, there have been 3,755 books checked out from and returned to the media center.  Currently, there are 338 total books that have not been returned back to the media center.

You can also get books online using an app called Sora, which allows you to check out books online from the school. You can also get books from the martial public library but you need to have a library card if you wish to do that. The biggest month of this year is January when there were 1,420 books checked out and returned. The smallest month of this year was November with 652 books checked out and returned.