Small town fair, great for a date

Lets get are fun on, and grab the sunscreen.

Lily Clawson, Reporter

The county fair is one of the fun things we can put on our summer bucket list.

The fair has all types of fun things to do such as seeing shows, going on rides, eating fair food, and going to booths.

The people that attend and that run it are so nice, and when you go to the little booths you can find the cutest things.

But even while you can have all this fun, there are downsides to going.

For example, you are likely to get a sunburn so you have to remember to wear sunscreen. Also, you might lose something and won’t be able to find it because it is a big place with a lot of people.

Going to the fair can be a great date idea, and a lot people go on dates there, or even get engaged… so if you’re thinking about going to the fair, remember the sunscreen, don’t bring a lot of stuff, and don’t forget your date!