Death Note

The movie was a hit in my book

Tila Nielson, Reporter

Death Note is a very gory and violent movie. However, it caught my attention because the main charter, Light, runs into a notebook that fell from the sky titled “Death Note.” At first, he had little interest and just put it in his bag as the bell rang to go to class.

On his way to class, he saw someone bulling a girl. He pulled the girl away and tried defending her, only to be hit in the face by the bully. Light woke up in the office because he was being paid to do homework for other students.

In the office, he is told that he has to go to detention, where the teacher tells him that she has to go somewhere. He then pushed the schoolbooks off of his desk, pulled out the death note, and began reading the roles out loud.

All of a sudden, the lights shut off and the desks moved. Ryuk, a death god from the underworld appeared and said to Light, “If you can’t handle the death note, set it down for 7 days and don’t touch it and I will come and get it.” He adds that Light should try to use it by writing a name in it and watching to see what happens.

Light then saw the bully picking on another girl through the window and wrote down his name. After he does, a ball rolled under a truck, which caused a ladder to pop off of it and cut the bully’s head in half.

After one last reminder from Ryuk that he doesn’t have to use it if he isn’t up for it, Light goes home. But will he use the death note, or leave it alone? Find out by watching it on Netflix.

The movie is rated R for explicit language and graphic violence. If you are into blood, gore, and a few jump scares, this is the perfect movie for you. You can find it on Netflix, or the anime TV show version on Hulu.

The movie “Death Note” met my expectation by having a lot of blood. It is a really good action movie it was interesting to see how Light used the notebook.

One of my favorite scenes was when Light and his girlfriend were on the Farris Wheel, and his girlfriend Mia fell off and died because the ride started to collapse. Then Light fell into the water and survived.

I find these things really interesting, the techniques they used in the movie caught my attention. The movie met my expectations because I like seeing blood and gore in movies.