Make A Wish raises money for Reba

Students and staff go into the wishing pond with Reba.


Photo provided by Braden Rone

Highland’s student government poses for a picture with Reba in the middle.

For many years passing and many more to come, Highland Rams have helped with the Make-A-Wish program, raising enough money to help the designated child,  and extra donations to the make a wish program. This year, we are helping seven-year-old Reba Zumberge who was diagnosed with stage three intermediate neuroblastoma at the age of just 6 months old.

Reba’s mom thought she was bringing her daughter in for a stomach bug when they found a tumor in her abdomen. She had a very difficult life from six months to two and a half years old. Reba is now seven years old and for the past 2.5 years, she’s been kept under close observation. As of right now, she is doing well.

Reba has made friends through her battle, including Highland’s student government.

With the amazing donations of the school, Reba is going to get the dream house that she has always wanted, so that her brothers and sister can also play in it with her.

Reba is such a strong little girl and we hope that she enjoys her new treehouse when she receives it.

The students and staff of Highland have done their best to raise money by doing activities such as volleyball, selling bracelets, t-shirts, and stickers, as well as participating in Highland Idol. Every year, the members of student government have gotten close to the child and their family, and it will most likely continue for years to come.