The never ending traffic of our school

The ice cream machine of Highland High


Wyatt M., Mason Haggard, and Mason Gibson

As we all know, the school’s parking lot, or lack thereof, has been a problem for everyone at the school for years. And much like the Mcdonald’s ice cream machine, it has yet to see a solution.

The difference between these two is that there are actually people trying to solve the problem with the school’s parking lot.

Let’s start with the problem though. There are 150 reserved parking spaces for the teachers which roughly matches the amount of staff in the school.

There are 500 parking spots reserved for the students and over 1,600 students that attend the school. The majority aren’t drivers, but there are more drivers than parking spaces.

According to the bursar, Mrs. Shelly, they sell more parking passes than they have parking spaces. 

To be specific, they sell 700 parking passes for 500 parking spaces, and as of March 8th, 2022, they sold 670 parking passes. This is because it’s expected that not all students will be there at the same time.

According to her, they are also taking into account the number of students that will park in the parking lot regardless of whether or not they have a parking pass.

Assistant principal Troy Bell said that they have tried to draw up solutions, but so far, none of them have gone into effect.

The director of business operations for the Pocatello-Chubbuck School District, Jonathan Balls, has also made a statement about the situation.

“During one of several conversations about the Highland parking lot, we realized that we need a civil engineer to make recommendations for improvements.  Using these recommendations, along with administration, staff, and student input, we hope to arrive at a plan that would improve the parking situation for good.”

As far as we know, there are currently no officially considered solutions. Jonathan has said when, though. 

“The tentative plan is to secure a civil engineering firm within a month.   They would then conduct their work through the summer and into the fall.  We would then solicit feedback on the plans.  The work would be done in the Summer of 2023.”

sketch of new parking lot?