Highland staff helps with mental, physical safety

Feeling safe is important to Highland


Shyanne Strength

Inside of the main office, Travis Bell talks to the people in there, ready to help with anything they need or the students need.

Tila Nielson, Reporter

Whether you just need some small talk, or you need a person to vent to, the teachers and staff members are here to help us. They will be here through everything we go through, and that is important to know.

Our school is safe for more than one reason. We have the teachers and staff to help us, as well as the four counselors, Cali Baker, Tricia Harvala, Christa Santos-Smith, and Tami Romriell, as well as principal Brad Wallace.

You can definitely trust Mrs. Rhonda Jenkins in room C29 because she is really nice and caring. If you are too scared to talk to any of them about your issue and can’t say anything at home, we also have resource officers you can find down by the office.

Personally, I think Highland is a good school. It has a lot of kids, some are nice, but others, not so much.

I feel safe here and I know I have people here to help me if I feel like I’m in danger.

Mrs. Santos-Smith is willing to listen. If you don’t feel safe here or at home, you can go and talk to her.

She has many things to help calm you down such as weighted blankets and stress toys. She will ask why you don’t feel safe, and if it is a person causing it, then she will ask who.

She will provide help as well she will check up on you and make sure you are ok.. One thing she has to do if it is here at highland and it is a person you are scared of is tell the pinsbole or the SCO of the school so if they need to they can put them on a reasoning order so they cant talk or touch you if that is the problem.

If you are having problems at home that are putting you in harm, she will get your information and call child protective services (CPS) and have them look at your house, you, and any siblings you may have. If she is concerned about a child’s safety, she will call health services and check up on them.

“My support is not going to go away after we are done filling this,” Santos-Smith stated.

Here at Highland, we all want you to feel safe, and understand that that is hard at times. We’ve got your back.