Nike just did it

Nike is becoming unpopular for those who disagree with Colin Kaepernick.


Jackson Bartholet holding one of the signs shown in protest against Kaepernick at his games.

Kimberly Miller, Jordan Iverson, and Hannah Allen

Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the 49ers, started the protest of kneeling for the national anthem before any game (football, basketball, etc.) This past year Nike signed with Kaepernick causing an ongoing conflict about the decision. Nike has been criticized all over the world for their ad staring Kaepernick as he says,”Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” then showing the Nike logo and catchphrase, Just Do It

Jackson Bartholet, a Freshman at HHS, stated, “I’m fine with Nike, I just don’t like how Colin Kaepernick went about it. What he did during those games was uncalled for and rude. It is disrespectful to those who lost their lives for our country.” Bartholet claims he still wears Nike products saying “I wear it because I own it.”, but his dislike for Kaepernick’s actions are clear. Ruby Kloh, another Freshman, says the opposite, ” I support what Nike and Kaepernick are doing.” This goes to show opinions vary throughout the school. To show true variation, we conducted a survey and found that out of 59 students, 36% support Nike, 25% are against, and 39% do not have an opinion on the matter.

Despite the large amount of people who dislike Kaepernick, Nike made a fair prophet from the campaign ending with a huge success, yet the profit does not stop the constant argument between supporters and non-supporters. Nike’s decision to feature Kaepernick has driven many non-supporters to cease shopping at Nike stores all together, this can’t be good for their income! You would think with Nike being so harshly criticized, Kaepernick would get an equal amount of comments but he has stated that this is “the most support” he has received from his defenders. Looks like he will not be backing down anytime soon, and Nike will not stop profiting from his actions.