How mental illness is impacting students

Compared to the rest of the country, Idaho had some of the worst numbers.


This is Mrs. Baker, one of our many school counselors. The counselors help with three major things: academic help, career guidance, and emotional support. You can find her office and all the other counselors in C Hall (rooms 33-44). If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to go down to their office and ask.

Jordan Mayo and Dalton Derie

Mental illnesses are becoming well known among high school students across the nation in the 21st Century. Some of these students are assuming that the causes involve school pressures.

According to the Mental Health America website, in 2017 over 8%  of Idaho youths experienced severe depression. Compared to the rest of the country, Idaho had some of the worst numbers.

Among those kids, 64.6% did not receive any form of mental health service. That means that more than half of Idaho’s children have endured without getting the support they need. Now, some might wonder, “How can we help these kids?” Well, someone who knows the answer to this is our school counselor, Mrs. Baker.

Mrs. Baker has been at Highland for 5 years. Over her years as a counselor, she has helped many teenagers suffering from mental illnesses.

“Some students seek counselors. Some use coping mechanisms. Some have the victory of just getting up each day,” Baker said when asked how students take action. Baker says, “The plan of attack is always different.” Everyone suffers from different things, but no one has to suffer alone.

If students were more aware of how counselors can help then maybe more students would get the support they need. There is no need to fight alone when there are many people around you that would love to help. Mental illnesses kill. You matter, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Don’t be afraid to seek help, it might be a life-changing decision.