Conspiracy theorists sue New York Times


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A billboard in Memphis, Tennessee put up by the Birds Aren’t Real organization

Atlas Harmon, Reporter

In December of 2021, the New York Times published an article about a group of conspiracy theorists who believe that birds have been killed off and replaced with government surveillance drones. 

The Times called the group a parody and claimed that the leader, Peter McIndoe, stated in an interview that the whole thing is a joke he created to spread awareness about misinformation. 

McIndoe claims he never said that and The Times is lying to try and silence him. 

McIndoe worked with Lieberman and Reese LLP, a law firm in California specializing in libel litigation. Libel is the act of telling lies through writing.

The firm has roughly a dozen employees and has represented 4 victims of first amendment abuse. 

The New York Times was named as the sole defendant in the case.

Mcindoe planned to prove that the New York Times published libel that led to Mcindoe’s emotional distress and loss of enjoyment in life. 

On Mar 5, 2022, Mcindoe posted on the Birds Arent Real Offical Instagram that he would be suing the times.

On the 9th, McIdone claimed he was suing all major media corporations and invited his viewers to join him at a freedom march on the twentieth of March.

Less than a week later, he retracted his lawsuit and stated, “We are taking are battle to the spiritual plane,” before performing a curse intended for the reporter who published the original article.

McIndoe did not end up in court with anyone but he is still planning to hold his freedom march on Hollywood Boulevard, despite the efforts of the city of Los Angeles to shut it down.