Does Highland Help?

Highland high schools mental health.

Lily Clawson

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Brooklyn LeFevre

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Mental health is very important at Highland High School, but do the staff do everything they can for their students?

The teachers and the principal tell you to go talk to the counselors, but not everyone trusts their counselor, leaving students with the last option of going to a teacher or other adult they trust.

Even then, some of our peers still struggle with not being able to open up. 

Speech teacher Jet Smith said that “attention-seeking, trying to get attention to meet their needs, or voiding, putting your head down, [and/or] sleeping,” are some of the signs of a student struggling with mental health.

Our school’s staff will try to help you to the best of their ability with any issues students might encounter while being here. 

For example, our school counselors are a great source if you need to talk or need something. However, some people don’t think that their counselor works well with them. In cases such as this, you can be transferred to another counselor.

Highland track coach Camile Long states, “They can provide you a counselor or therapist outside of school to help you with what’s bothering you,” in the case that you don’t want to talk to a school counselor.

There are also other people in the school you can talk to. For example, you can go to a teacher you trust. “A student should have a teacher they can go to and trust,” math teacher Jorden Miller expressed.

The teachers here care about their students and want to make sure they’re in a healthy mental state. 

Tamsin stated that if you would prefer not to talk to anyone in person, you can call the self-harm hotline, domestic abuse hotline, or the Idaho state suicide prevention hotline and they will help you.

However, let’s talk about the things that can be improved inside our school, and what we should be providing for students.

Tamsin said, “ It’s important to address mental health, I think classes should have a bit of time to have a fun/ relaxing time in class so you can be in a better mindset for the class period.” 

Making some assignments fun will encourage students to do their work and stop having high anxiety levels thinking that this is too much or just giving up because they’re tired of doing them.  Also, if teachers learn how to handle mental health better, it will improve student life.

Jet Smith said,”  Teachers try their best to help students but don’t know how because they didn’t get the proper training they need.”  Teachers having a better understanding of mental health will better chances of helping their students.

That’s not all, the counselors have too much on their plate and they can’t spend the time they need to help students.

“Counselors do a lot, always focusing on other things, they sometimes can’t get to everyone,” Long stated.