Grab your hats boys and girls, it’s rodeo time.

A high school rodeo contestant talks about her experiences.


Kaya's Parents

Kaya Jenkins rodeoing.

Stasia Anderson and Kaya Jenkins

Kaya Jenkins is a high school rodeo contestant, where she spends most of her time in the arena. She’s been rodeoing for over 10 years now, she does it because it is a fun and competitive sport that gives you a huge adrenaline rush every time. To Jenkins, it’s a very exciting thing to do.

Jenkins believes that rodeo is the “best sport” that you can do. She does barrel races, pole bends, breakaways, and team ropes.

“By far, barrel racing is my favorite event.” This is because she has worked the hardest on it and spent the most time focusing on this event.

She is in 9th grade, which could put her at the bottom of the pack but she has faith that she can be just as good as older girls if she gives it her all.

Team roping is another event she does. “It takes two people to do their job correctly, making it the hardest event in my opinion,” Jenkins states.

Jenkins had one of her more successful months at districts. She states that she tried her hardest and it did pay off in the end. “Practice makes perfect.”

She went to state last year in all of her events. “It was mainly more fun than serious at state last year, definitely one to remember,” she says.

There are so many people who you become close friends with throughout the experience. It is an amazing opportunity to gain people that are like family in a short amount of time. On top of that, you’re in a great environment.

A bad part about rodeo is the risk of injury or danger. You never know when your horse might just take a wrong step or feel good one day, and bad the next; Kaya has experienced these things first hand.

Injury or scares have never really made Kaya want to quit. But she says there are “definitely those types of days.”

Jenkins says that rodeo is a consistent learning experience. The main thing she has learned is to always keep her chin up through successes and failures.