Manager of Jack In the Box under-pays worker, what happens next is shocking!

Employee quits local Jack In the Box, here’s why.


Wyatt M.

Mason Haggard decided to quit his job at Jack In The Box recently due to the awful management of the head manager.

The lack of hours and overall pay at the local Jack In The Box, caused an innocent and loyal worker Mason Haggard, to quit his job at the restaurant because of circulating rumors.

According to Haggard, however, the problems with the managers don’t stop there.

He says that there are “too many managers. We have, like, six.”

He also adds that “half the managers are just straight-up terrible.”

This story takes a dark twist though. The real reason Haggard said he had to quit his job at Jack In the Box was that he was being improperly paid.

This may not be what it sounds. It’s not that he was being paid at a lower wage than he should have been, but, according to Haggard, rather, one of the managers lied about how many hours he was working.

Haggard explained that he worked for a total of 15 hours with a wage of $11.50 per hour. But by pay-day, he was only paid $111. This is because the head manager of Jack In the Box claims that he only works 10 hours.

Haggard’s experience working at Jack in the Box led him to not want to work there anymore, but we have hopes that the work environment will improve in the future.