Let’s take a stab into Brooklyn’s facts

Freshmen Brooklyn LeFevre tells us about how she feels about life..

March 17, 2022


Brooklyn LeFevre, with her interesting facts in life.

From wanting to be a surgeon and being terrified to talk to people, to loving her aunt as well as sushi, Brooklyn LeFevre is a very interesting person.

LeFevre has 4 siblings. Drake, Dolten, Bretly, Bell. There are 2 boys, and 2 hectic girls that share a room. 

“My brothers suck,” she stated, adding that her older brother is a snitch and they are both annoying.

Brooklyn lives in Idaho, but her family has moved around quite a bit her whole life. When she gets older, she wants to go to college in Hawaii because that is where her aunt lives so she can save money while going to school. She also said that she loves the state. “[I’m going to] medical school to be a surgeon, cardio surgeon.” 

“Sketching is a good way to show emotions,” LeFevre said.

She has fears of talking to people and speaking in front of them.

Brooklyn loves sushi, a lot of flavors, like cooked and raw, and her aunt makes homemade sushi because she also loves it.

it was a normal Sunday evening when two siblings started to fight on who’s turn it was on the Xbox, when Drake, LeFevre’s bother took out a pair of safety scissors, “well not so much safety scissor anymore,” and stabbed Brooklyn in the back all because she got the turn on the Xbox instead of him.

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