Shrek the musical


Shyanne Strength

Hannah Jensen (Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz) puts a microphone on Emma Mulkay (Mamma Bear, from Goldilocks) who is trying not to laugh at a side conversation.

Shrek the musical is an amazing play that was put on by our Highland drama department.

The cast was great and fit the rolls perfectly while adding their own touches to make it a bit more personal.

Austin Buetts, who played Shrek, put in his best work to make himself believable as Shrek, as well as Payton Carter who played donkey.  She moved and acted just like the original character and was alongside Shrek the whole play. 

The supporting and featured characters also worked as hard as they could, and the majority played multiple parts and went through many costume changes. 

The amazing work of the makeup artists, stagehands, costume designers, and of course, the director, Alix Van Noy made the play even better.

They worked on this play for around 3 months and you can definitely tell how much hard work was poured into it.