Sophomore Sina’s successful fundraiser for recovery

If you visit Sina’s Go Fund Me page, her parents and aunt’s goal of raising $5,000 was accomplished in just twenty one days by 86 people giving various donations, even reaching over the goal by $30.


Stuarts Photography

Sophomore Sina Miller in her freshman photo.

Sarah Bounmixay, Editor in Chief

Sina Miller has a long recovery ahead of her. Sina was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago on a Thursday. She suffered a ruptured bladder, a broken pelvis, a broken left arm (two breaks), a stretched-out nerve in her right arm, and her spine broken in two separate places from a car crash on homecoming night. The car ran into a guard rail and flipped. A friend commented that the car looked like a crushed can. Pictures shown and shared on Facebook give more details of the crash. The police told Sina and her boyfriend that they should not have been able to survive such a crash; the fact that Sina was thrown out of the car is what saved her.

“When I first heard about it I couldn’t believe it. Like they’re your friend and you wish the best for them,” said sophomore Gracie Riggall. “I expected her to be miserable, but she was humorous and being her usual self.”

Returning home there are obvious changes in Sina’s daily tasks and routines. She hopes to get started on homework soon and attend to online classes. She cannot come to school until the end of first trimester or the beginning of the second. For now, she sleeps at home and has to take a daily medical shot in her stomach or arms for her blood clots. A device helps her in the morning to get out of bed and into her wheelchair, she may not be able to walk for a long time as she heals. A noticeable “cave” is in her leg and multiple stitches tend to her injuries. “Me and more friends come over and hang out with her and sleep over. Trying to be helpful and include her more. This just makes our friendship stronger,” Riggall said with assurance.

Miller is a member of the marching band, and the band dedicated their season to her and her recovery. The Highland invitational was a Miracle Minute with the members going around with cups to collect money and gain more support to Sina.…