Should children get the covid-vaccine?

Why are parents not getting their kids vaccinated and why they should consider it.


Kalman Slater-Wiki Commons

A vaccine for children 5-11 years old at a clinic in the Chicago North Shore Area

Jennifer Carazo, Reporter

Recently we’ve experienced a terrible disease that is considered deadly, but experts have also found a solution to this problem, the COVID-19 vaccine shot. Pfizer is the company for age groups 5 and up.

All ages get two doses of the vaccine, but they are each given at different times. Ages 5-11 need to get it in between 3 weeks. 12 and up can either get the second dose in three weeks or in six weeks. This vaccine can keep your child and many others safe. 

Before the United States started giving out the vaccines, they tested it on around 4,650 children. These tests came back showing it was safe for kids. There were small risks there weren’t any risks shown in the age group between 5-11. These small risks have shown officials that the overall vaccine overweight these small risks. 

Over 12,300 children aged 5-18 have died from covid out of the 3.5 million other children who’ve tested positive. Kids getting the vaccine makes it safer for them to be able to go to school, be able to play with friends, all while staying safe. 

Should schools mandate the vaccine? Many schools and states have chosen to ban the vaccine as being mandatory. It is said that the districts wouldn’t be able to require the vaccines even if they wanted to in these states. In other states, however, vaccine mandates will be in place by July 2022 so that they can start the new school year for 2022-2023.

So far only California has mandated it for school employees and students to get vaccinated, but other states are requiring only the staff to get it. 

But is it safe? Before professionals released the vaccine as safe to 5-11-year-olds, they tested it on about 2,250 children. Each of them received one-third of the dose that is used on adults, but they have found it to work the same as the full adult dose.

Each child was monitored between the two doses given and at least two months after they received the second dose. The only side effects they witnessed were mild headaches, fatigue, and pain in the injection site. None of the children have developed myocarditis and pericarditis like that of older people who received the vaccine.  

Many parents have concerns about possible long-term effects that could come from getting it, but so far there haven’t been any reports of such effects. There have only been short-term effects such as headaches and fatigue.

Many say that it’s too new for it to actually be safe for them and their children. Only around 27% of parents are open to vaccinating their children, whereas 30% of parents have said they are definitely not vaccinating their children. 

Why should parents consider the vaccine? The vaccine only has temporary effects which last up to 48 hours. Many parents would argue that being vaccinated is better than their child(ren) getting covid and possibly even getting hospitalized. Some possible effects children could end up with from getting covid are severe lung infections, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and the worst death.