Sports improve Highland

The Highland Highschool Boys JV Basketball


Dyanna Herndon

Boys JV basketball player Bradyn Smuin standing in front of the elevator in upper B hall.

School can be a fun and creative place for many people because it has many different ways to express yourself through classes, and of course, sports. The Highland High School Boys JV basketball team does just that. The team captain, Colt Durham, and teammate Jonah Eckerson explain what it’s like to be on the team.
The team’s goal is to work together and win the game but no one can do that without a coach, Jawn Frasure. “A coaches Job is to prepare the team for game day and they are small on motivation and big on conditioning.” Coaches work hard to make sure the team keeps their eyes on the prize for the games, stealing the win while having some fun while they do. 

Sports can be an interesting social experience for those who are willing to try. Meeting new friends, winning or losing can all be different and fun.