Pomerelle Ski Resort, worth the money?

Is Pomerelle ski resort worth the money to spend to go or is it not?


Mason Payne

The snow on the slopes of the Pomerelle Ski Resort, Albion, Idaho

Chase Zweigart , Reporter

Pomerelle Ski Resort in Albion, Idaho was a good use of my money. There are hills that can be skied by people who are just learning as well as for those who are more advanced. My personal favorite part of this experience was that they had really good jumps, and I hit my first 360 off of one here. If you are interested in learning how to do a 180 or 360, Pomerelle is the place to go.

I got my 55 dollars worth with the number of runs I took. I got about 15 runs in on a full day and I believe you can do the same because I did big jumps on all of my runs, which took a considerable amount of time to get down the mountain. 

Pomerelle is a good use of money for all levels of experience. Wether you ski or snowboard, I would recommend it.

The staff at the resort is amazing. They are all super helpful and kind. Additionally, the food there is low priced, and worth the money because it will fill you up. The hill is very clean and taken care of, and there is a good amount of snow. There aren’t big amounts of uncovered spots, and the few there were all in places that you can’t access.