Accidents happen in student parking lot

There is only one way in and out, driving home from school is a long wait.


Sarah Bounmixay

Highland’s overcrowded parking lot has been complained and troublesome for years for many students with problems such as speeding cars and lack of attention from other student drivers.

There have already been four reported accidents in the student parking lot this year. Likely there have been other, unreported, accidents as well. Every student with their driver’s license or permit knows of the backed up line in the parking lot. Students create multiple lanes and squeeze behind and in front of each other with their cars, trying to get home quicker. These multiple lines of cars converge, creating a single lane exiting the only entrance/exit of the packed lot. The line often continues all the way to the Fairway Lane traffic lights, where cars are stacked up behind cars.

Over the last three years attending Highland, I have noticed that the parking lot is hard to drive and walk through, especially when school starts, lunch begins, and classes end. “I’ve had my car crashed twice in the past two weeks,” said Rachel Jacobus a senior, “The first one was when a car rammed into my car twice and then drove away. The second time was when I accidentally took a turn and crashed into another car; I didn’t even see them there.” If you are familiar with the parking lot and use it often then you know of the line created to exit it. People drive quickly forward trying to keep their spot in line. And letting people take their turn to enter the line is rare and hard. So when a slightly opened area in the line is spotted, all the cars gather or zoom into it so they can get home quicker. This can cause accidents with cars crashing into each other or accidentally striking a student. Student crashes sometimes even make into the city paper. According to Idaho States Journal, a male student was struck by a car in 2010 of December suffering from pain in his leg and knee. These accidents continue to happen to our present day.

“Accidents occur when kids are going way too fast in the parking lot and are not paying enough attention while pulling in or out of a parking space… So far I’ve been informed of four accidents,” says Officer Zimmerly. “There are three rules of investigation when it comes to car accidents. One, if the accident is $1,500 and above in damage, you can report it to us. Two, when an injury occurs during the crash. Three, a hit and run. If any of these happen to you, or if you were in an accident in the parking lot, you are welcomed to share it with me.”

But the Highland parking lot was not always like this. Before the 1990s, there was only one road leading to the parking lot, Bench Road. The neighborhood by the entrance/exit of the parking lot use to be opened for leaving and entering school and there were two entrances/exits to the parking lot. This all changed when Olympus was introduced to the community. In the early 90s plans were created to construct Olympus, during the 90s construction began, and in the 1990 Olympus was opened for public use. After the construction, the neighborhood was closed to the parking lot and Bench Road and the second entrance/exit was extinct. Changing the parking lot into what it is today.