Cobra Kai builds excitement

Five out of five stars for Cobra Kai


Photo credit: Super Festivals; Wiki Commons

Martin cove, Xolo Maridueña, and William Zabka posing with a fan for a festival.

Cruise Jones, Reporter

Cobra Kai is a TV series on Netflix. You might remember that name, and that’s because the series is a sequel to The Karate Kid. It is a good, time-worthy show to watch with family n your own.

I was very skeptical about it first because it didn’t start off very well, but I think the producers did that to get you to watch more of it.

I fell for the trick and got very interested. I believe one day, my mom and I watched a whole season in a day. They are 30-minute episodes, but if you like the show, it feels like it’s only 10 minutes.

The show revolves around two men named Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). They fought using karate 30 years ago, and Johnny is still mad about how they lost.

This leads him to want to make a new Cobra Kai and make one of his students the champion.

When he makes a dojo, he asks the kid next door from his apartment if he wants to join. The kid says he gets bullied a lot and agreed. Months go by and the dojo gains popularity. The kid beat his bully, which got the attention of another boy who suffers bullying. He has this condition where his lip is a bit messed up.

When he joins the dojo, people laugh at him. So now the guy who has a messed-up lip flips the script to become a karate-loving bully. He also changed his appearance by getting a mohawk and a big eagle tattoo on his back. They called him “The Hawk.”

  The karate championship is close and Daniel hears about it. He also has a student that is Johnny’s son.  Daniel trained Robby for the tournament and he was ready. It was a long fight but Johnny’s student won.