WORMS (in my brain) Review


photo credit: Evan Edinger Wiki Commons

Cover picture of NOAHFINNCE’s album, “Underachiever.”

Atlas Harmon, Reporter

The newest single by British singer-songwriter, NOAHFINNCE, titled WORMS (In My Brain) is an excellent song with elements of pop-punk, a little techno, and a healthy dose of angst.

The song starts slow but quickly moves into upbeat music one could easily headbang to (I know I have). In an Instagram story a few days after it was released on January 13th, NOAHFINNCE stated, “Oh you like my new song, thanks it’s about childhood trauma.”

In the spoken interlude, NOAHFINNCE says, “And it’s actually kinda cute when they feed off my flesh.”

The lyrics are very dark and gory but the rhythm and beat are very happy and exciting. The song contradicts itself the whole way through, but I think it’s done in a way that makes it wonderful. There is some vulgar language mostly in reference to the worms. At almost three and a half minutes I think WORMS (in my brain) is much too short, and this masterpiece deserves at least five minutes.