Boys varsity basketball team

Highland High Schools boys varsity basketball team meet their goals for the season


With a 4-6 win/loss record, the boys’ varsity basketball team is feeling fairly optimistic about this season. When asked about how this season is unique from others, head coach Ty Pearson said that “the players are feeling more connected.” 

Ezra Godfrey is a junior at Highland, and one of the three team captains of Highland High School’s boys’ varsity basketball team. Godfrey claims that the most memorable moment this season was the game against Mountain Home.

The team and coach stated that they wish they could redo the first Thunder Ridge game, and the second game they played against Mountain Home. 

The team captain was chosen by a majority vote between the players, and the team captain’s job, described by the head coach, is to communicate information between the players and the coaches. The other two coaches other than Pearson are Chris Ball and Jared Godfrey. According to Pearson “there are many players that can play at the next level, ” including Jayden Wright, and Braedon Kelley.

Jayden Wright is also a junior and is also one of the team captains and starters. Many of Wright’s teammates, and coach, agree that he has a lot of potential to play at the next level because he is always trying to do better.

When asked how he feels about his progress in meeting his goals, Wright said that he thinks he’s doing pretty good, but still wants to try harder.

The players say that this season has been unique from past seasons because the players get more freedom, and the players have played much better, and have more potential to be better.

Most of the players agree that they will all remember their teammates, and coaches when thinking about this season in the future.

Highland high school’s varsity basketball team is always trying their best to reach their goals and become better at the game. Most of the players have a lot of potential to become even greater than they already are.