Girls Varsity Basketball perseveres through this season

Girls basketball has played a progressive season full of team growth and we can’t wait to see how they end the season.

Oaklie Ursenbach and Jennifer Carazo

Our varsity basketball team here at Highland is full of strong girls who have played a great 21-22 season so far. Our seniors are finishing their last highschool basketball season strong this year.

“Coaching this team has taught me to enjoy and celebrate the small victories every single day, because those add up in the long run and create long term success for all of us.” explained head coach Aubree Callen.

“My favorite thing about this season is the probably team atmosphere that we’ve created as each other’s team mates.” said senior Maggie Agado. She also explained that basketball has taught her how to work well with other people as a team since she has been playing for 13 years.

“I’ve been playing since I was 9, and it’s really taught me so many leadership qualities, and skills like just being able to have time management, perseverance and grit.” senior player Halle Richards described.

“I love our team and it’s so great when you have really great chemistry with another player, like you make a cool pass and it just works out good.” junior player Megan Mickelsen said. She also explained how winning a game is a great feeling, and gets the whole team excited. “I’ve been taught by basketball to work hard for what you want and just persevere.” Mickelsen described.

Highland’s team has a great dynamic, and switches up their team captains and starting lineup every game. “The starting lineup has a lot of variables to it, like opposing team matchups and personnel. We also factor in how a player has been playing at practice and other games that week.” coach Callen explained. She also said that some players start better, and some come off the bench better. “Starting a game is important, but it’s also a very small part of the game. A player who starts might play less minutes than a player who doesn’t dependent on how they play.” Coach Callen said she is all about making adjustments pregame and in game that will benefit her team best.

“One thing that was super memorable for me in a game was when we were playing Thunderridge and Saydree Bell passed me the ball then I shot a three. We tied up the game when everybody thought we were gonna lose, and it was probably the closest game we’ve ever had.” Richards said. She described how she turned around at that moment in the game and the whole student section was cheering and it was a really great feeling.

Coach Callen said that if she would want her players to redo a game, it would be the one against Thunderridge. “We played a great game against them last week, we lost by 4 but it was against the #2 team in the state and #1 team in our conference.” she described.

“Thunderridge was a really fun game to play, probably the most fun game I’ve ever played.” Agado said.

These teammates and coaches have formed close bonds that have helped their team grow tremendously. “I’ll definitely remember all the friends and bonds I’ve made on this team for a long time.” Mickelsen said.

“I’ve had so much fun forming bonds, especially this season. The skills and friends I’ve made through basketball will definitely stick with me forever.” Richards explained. “Our whole team has progressed a lot.” She explained that having a new coach was very new for her team, but it has brought everybody on the team closer this season. Senior player Agado explained that she has made a lot of memories with all her teammates throughout the four years of playing at Highland.

Our varsity girls have used their skills as a team to work hard all together this season and put in the perseverance and hard work to do their very best. Each player hopes to end a successful season this year.