Human rights month

December is human rights month.


Human rights poster in Mr. Holstons room B19

Everyone deserves rights despite what race, sexuality, or religion they belong to. No one should be looked down upon or disliked because of something they cannot control because when it comes down to it, everyone is human.

However, discrimination still exists and is surprisingly active in the world.

Some communities struggle with things they can’t control such as bullying, fear of harm, or fewer opportunities than others. Human rights month recognizes the discrimination and oppression of minorities and brings it to the forefront, it shows that people should have equal rights.

Human Rights month is also to help educate people to become better allies to oppressed communities. Mr. Smith from the human rights club, explains that we can treat other better by “[leading] with respect, [walking] into every interaction seeing the person you interact with as a human being, and [practicing] by giving yourself respect and being nice to yourself.” 

Mr. Smith also states that you must learn to respect yourself first and that you don’t have to understand other people to respect them.

Some people don’t understand because of religious, family, or personal preferences, but you can be respectful of a person even without understanding their life choices.