Turn the season around

Freshman boys basketball is doing their best to break the losing streak


Chase Zweigart

Freshman boys at their home game against Corner Canyon.

Areli Prado and Chase Scott Zweigart

As Highland’s freshman boys basketball team take on their first season, things get interesting. Freshman boys are playing their best and trying everything to win. 

They have not been doing so hot these past few weeks, but they are working hard to turn their season around.  “I thought we would be pretty good, like we have a pretty good team. I thought we’d win more games than we have,” stated freshman basketball player Colt Nesser. 

The team is working together to pull through their first season as Highland Rams.  “We’ve won 1 so far out of 4 but the games that we’ve lost have been pretty close,” freshman basketball player Christian “Lana” Alvarico said. 

Rams took the win week 1 against Mountain Home, until we took on our cross town rivals, the Pocatello Thunder, and had to accept defeat during week 2 of the season. 

“Poky came in and beat us by 3. We’re going to beat them next time though,” freshman basketball player Kasyn Thomas said.

These boys are very committed to basketball, and practice 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sometimes they even go on Saturdays so they might practice a bit longer than just 10 hours that week.

Most of the boys started at a young age, ranging from beginning at 4 years old, to around ten.

“We all have a really good connection. We think of each other as brothers,” Neeser said, adding that they are all there for each other and can rely on one another.

These boys are such hard workers, and as their season goes on, Highland Rams boys basketball will continue to work hard and play to their best. 

“I know we’re going to progress together. We had kids come from Alameda, Hawthorne and Franklin, so I think we’re gonna get better as a team as we go on,” stated Thomas 

The team plays 2 games every week, keep good grades, and practice 10 plus hours weekly.

During practice, school, games, and at home, these boys are always uplifting and supportive of each other. 

They may not win all their games, but they have fun when they play because they love the sport. Alvarico, Nesser, and Thomas all fell in love with the sport almost instantly after they first started playing. 

“I think it was 2013, I think I was about 7 or 6 and joined the campfire youth here in pocatello,” says Alvarico.

“My dad kinda put me on junior jazz team, he was the coach of it when I was younger, about 2nd or 3rd grade, so around age seven,” Thomas explained.

Neeser stated that he got into basketball because his dad put him into it when he was around four, and he has loved it ever since. “I play center. They’re the tallest guy and they take close shots and they get rebounds.”

Alvarico and Thomas on the other hand are the shooting guards. They both get rebound points, Thomas gets close shots and Alvarico also plays point guard. This just means that he is the leader, getting to call out the plays. This person is usually the smallest on the team.

Basketball is the fourth hardest sport to play and these boys are great at it. Basketball is one of the more known sports here at Highland. 

Hopefully the freshman team can turn their season around and win the rest of their games. All the practices and feedback make these boys better at the game.