Learn a Foreign Language Month: Highland spanish class

If you’ve wanted to learn a foreign language, now is the time!


Jennifer Carazo

Swenson’s Spanish 2 first hour class at Highland on December 15, 2021.

Oaklie Ursenbach and Jennifer Carazo

School District 25  has made it possible for high school students to learn foreign languages. Many students love to learn spanish, which is the language offered here.

“I plan on going to a lot of places when I’m older, and I think it could be important for me to be able to communicate with other people if they speak a different language,” freshman Caleb Bringhurst said. Many places in the world have people that primarily speak spanish, and it can be helpful to understand each other.

Freshman Ariana Carrillo’s grandmother can only speak Spanish, and learning more of it at school has been a benefit to her and allowed her to speak with more of her family. “I can hold a conversation better with a lot of my family, and now that I know more words and understand Spanish better, it definitely helps me understand others,” Carrillo stated.

“I have a really huge family, so some of them know Spanish or other languages from going on a mission, or just learning it in high school like I am right now,” Bringhurst said. “It can be fun, at family events I’ll be able to talk to them.” he stated.

Having communication skills with people who don’t speak the same language as you is a huge benefit as you get older. “Learning it can really help you get a better job and career,” freshman Jayda Ward said. “There’s always gonna be people out there who don’t speak the same primary language as you, and it can help so much when you can understand each other.”

Learning other languages can definitely be challenging, but many students say that it’s worth it. Ward explained that it can take a very long time to learn, and new pronunciations and words can be confusing sometimes. “It’s very different from English, just like any other language. There are different patterns and things you need to remember,” Carrillo explained. She feels like it is overall worth it though, since it can open up opportunities in adult life.

Bringhurst however, stated that he doesn’t think Spanish is very different from English, “I haven’t really had struggles with it.” He also stated that the difficulty level of learning a language differs from person to person.

Overall, most students would agree that learning a foreign language is fun. “I like to learn new words, it’s fun to have a big change in learning,” Ward stated.

Carrillo explained that she already knows a lot of Spanish from her family and growing up, but she is learning proper Spanish and it is a really fun challenge for her.

Highland’s Spanish curriculum is teaching students this language in a fun, challenging way that makes students eager to come to class and learn each day. To sign up, you can go talk to your counselor in their office.