Google and the Human Race


Esmeralda Herrera-Avalos, Reporter

Google was made on September 4, 1998. It was released to the public on August 4th, 2008. Since then, Google has become a part of our life. It keeps track of data for us, we use it for documents, slideshows, sheets. It even has our contacts information stored in. A majority of schools use google for almost everything. Some schools though, such as Waldorf in Los Altos, California, don’t like using technology. They state there is no such need for technology. And their classrooms look very aesthetic. This raises a question some may have had for a long time or barely begin to  question it. Do we really need Google? Sophomore student Seraphim Molina said “Well, while google can’t be 100% trustworthy, it still answers a lot of questions we have that are more likely right answers”. Another sophomore, Sonny Edgley, agrees that google is useful, such as gathering information worldwide or information you wouldn’t usually find in libraries. One sophomore student named Brystene Smith disagrees and says it is not needed. She claims there are plenty of other search engines that don’t collect cookies or track you. One interesting thing said by Elijah Keen(Sophomore), is that Google are like toilets. We don’t really need them, but it’s important to have them.