Procrastination Awareness Month

“A month of actually doing something”

Say you’re playing videos games, trying to upgrade your character to the next level, but you have a whole pile of homework put to the side. Is this procrastination, or simple laziness?

Braylon Carson, a junior stated that he does procrastinate. Highland High School is a school full of excelling Honor Students and has a good repetition for academics, but procrastination does feed on the students here.

Carson explained, “I don’t always have the time to keep up on work.”

Sports and other extracurriculars makes it hard for some students to maintain their academics, this causes a rise in procrastination. Carson stated, “If I have more time, I may feel more committed.” 

Christa Santos-Smith, one of our school counselors, stated, “Yes in some cases I do procrastinate.” However, Santos-Smith has learned that she only procrastinates if she isn’t skilled at something, which allows her to focus her energy on the things she is good at. “If it doesn’t affect my family, then I’m alright with putting it off.” 

Why do we have Procrastination Awareness Month in December? Arriving at just the right time closing in on New Years and the resolutions that come with. This is a month to look back on the things you have been holding off or just thrown to the side! 

Junior Sadie Morrison said, “I’m always at work so when I’m not working I’m usually sleeping”, In return causing Morrison to put off homework causing her to procrastinate. “In order for me to battle procrastination, I keep the motivation of graduating early in mind and it keeps me on my feet.”

Breaking things down things are kind of chaotic due to Christmas, What does this have to do with procrastination? According to, A big reason we address the Awareness of Procrastination in December is because it’s the month to start getting back in the swing of things with Christmas lingering in the air every day it inches closer to the 25th and then with New years coming right after. Now just kickoff into a year of getting what needs done; done!