How does drama club affect us?

Drama Club raises Highland students’ confidence and social capabilities.


The director of our drama club, Alix Van Noy, puts in a lot of work daily to prepare for each play.

“Not that teaching isn’t already a lot of work but I’ve been here consistently from 8 o’clock to 7 o’clock everyday, I’ve had about 5 days off since the beginning of the school year, so I pretty much live here. Producing the show, directing the show, designing the show, and then figuring out how to get 50 to 80 kids, that’s a lot of work. It’s fun and rewarding, and there’s a lot of kids I probably know better than their parents do. It’s a lot of fun because we are constantly producing art,” Van Noy explained.

Every year Van Noy and his drama club put on three plays, but this year there is an exception of four. The one they are currently working on is Shrek the Musical.

Benjamin (Sully) Brimhall is a senior, and the officer of Highland High School’s drama club (or Thespian Society). He loves being a part of drama and says that everyone is always there for each other.

Drama club has impacted Brimhall in a lot of different ways, “Being in drama has helped me get out of my shell, and even helps with classes like speech and debate,” Brimhall stated.

Brimhall has been in the drama club since his sophomore year, and was inspired by his friend Megan Badel to take drama.

Lindy Brian is a freshman, who has been in drama club for only a couple months now. “Being in drama is scary at first, but over time it becomes a routine because you spend so much time doing it,” she explained.

Brian has met a lot of new people through drama, and claims it has made it much easier for her to be social. 

Megan Badel, a senior who has a lot of experience with drama club, explained that the community really influenced her to join the club.  “Drama club is very open and accepting, everyone has different interests and when we come together it is a very fun experience,” Badel stated. 

When auditions come up, Badel watches videos on the character she will be playing to help her prepare and feel more comfortable during the play. For musical plays, she uses musical videos to practice as well. She explained the Drama Club has made her open up more and feel more sociable around a large audience.