Highland Cheerleaders can’t hide ram pride

Our team is suspected to win their 11th state title this spring.


Highland Freshman Cheerleaders at the Shake It Up Cheer and Dance Competition in Boise after taking Grand Champs.

As cheerleading competition season for the 2021-2022 school year is starting, the cheerleaders are getting more pumped than ever.

“I think we play a pretty big role at Highland, we’re able to cheer at games and bring sports crowds up to be able to influence our other athletes in a positive way,” freshman cheerleader Indie Budge said.

The cheerleaders competed at their first competition only a few hours after cheering at the state football game.

Even when running on three hours of sleep, our persevering cheerleaders took grand champs. This all happened thanks to the hours of practice and preparations.

“The day before our competitions we always go through all the routines at least five times, because then it becomes muscle memory and when your adrenaline is pumping at competition and you’re nervous, your body just guides you right through it,” Budge stated.

“I feel like everybody on the cheerleading team will listen to our routines and go over it in our heads, and it definitely helps us mentally prepare to compete,” freshman Ariana Carrillo said. She also stated that she loves it when they can get their show routine perfect the first time. “It just gets your adrenaline pumping and makes you feel great about yourself so that your mood is set for the practice.”

If our cheerleaders aren’t at games or competitions, they’re working hard for three hours or more after school nearly everyday, working all of their routines to perfection. With a lot of teamwork, dedication, and strength, the cheerleaders pull through to do their very best at every performance, game, practice, and competition.

“It does take up a lot of my time, sometimes I don’t have time for other plans, but it is still fun,” Carrillo stated.

The cheer team of 42 girls plus their great coaches almost makes a family, they all uplift and support each other in every way that they can.

“I feel like all my friends are on my team, I spend so much time with them every single day. I can always count on them, and I can always have a friend to talk to since we all get along with each other,” Carrillo explained.

“When I walked into school on the first day, I automatically had great friendships since I got so close with everybody during our summer practices,” freshman cheerleader Haven Barlow said. She explained that she was in gymnastics before cheer, which is more of an individual sport. With cheer, she has learned to work for more than herself.

One big part of Highland’s routines are our cheerleaders impressive stunts that tend to give others the wow factor.

“I’m a base, I hold my flyer up and I think it’s pretty important to have enough bases to make it possible for the cheerleader to fly,” Budge explained.

“I am a back spot, and I hold on the flyer, and if they are falling out of the stunt, I can save it and make sure the stunt pulls through,” Carrillo stated.

“I love being a flyer, it’s the most fun thing about cheer, and I really love to do stunts,” Barlow said.

The cheerleaders get great support from their family to compete and perform. Their parents and family members cheer them on and always make sure to show up. “They come watch me at games, and they payed for all my fees and everything I needed in order to be on this team that I love.” Budge explained about her parents.

Carrillo’s mom loves to watch her compete and cheer, she shows up to every game that she can in order to see her daughter cheer her heart out.

“Highland has been so well known at being great at cheer, and I’ve done competitive and other types of cheer to lead me to join Highland’s team. I got into it because my friend Taylor Solomon loved cheer, and she gave me the idea to get into it,” Budge explained.

Through every stunt, routine, jump, and kick, the cheer team led by amazing coaches never lacks to uplift every athlete, teacher, and student. They have show, pom and sideline routines that they work hard to perfect every single day, through and through.

Our very own Highland Cheerleaders constantly show their love and pride for our school by having intense grit and extreme hard work at every practice, performance, competition, and game to make sure that they never fail to show their Ram Pride.