Skipping school hurts your future

Education is important.


Photo art shows journalism teacher Debbie Greco refusing to take late work from a truant student.

What does skipping do? What does it prove? How does it affect your education? Principal Wallace “304 students in the year of 2016-2017 prior to being sick or just skipping.” That a lot of truancies! Counselor Romriell said, “Every student has 6 days each trimester that they can miss which is 18 days in a school year that 3 1/2 days of school that you can miss without a penalty.” The district policy lays out the consequences of truancy: 1. you have lunch detention for a week. 2. you have to go to Friday night school. 3. you have to go to Friday night school with a parent or legal guardian. 4. If you’re 16 or younger you have to go to DDRC (Development Disabilities Resource Center.) following the 4th truancy if you’re over the age of 16 and you have your license they are allowed to suspend your license. Counselor Romriell told us that teachers no longer have to accept your work after seven days of missing which kills your grades. Students who have anxiety believe that missing is the solution to their stress. When in reality, it’s not. When you come back to school, you have lots of missing work. Kids who are also being bullied think that skipping will take away their pain. It ends up being so much worse when they have coverage to come back to school. Don’t skip you’ll regret it. Care about your grades! We can’t tell you exactly where students go when they skip or what their point in skipping is, but it affects your education more than think.