Shrek Auditions End!

Did you get the chance to try out?


Dyanna Herndon

This photo shows the dates that you can audition and it give a bit more information about auditions

Shrek auditions have mostly come and gone, but the call backs are happening this week.

Payton Carter says, “When you’re auditioning, just get into the character and make it your own. Just have fun with it.” 

Amity Taylor, with similar advice, stated that her best tip is to just have fun. “You will do much better at something if you actually enjoy it.”

 Jade Steed said “Come audition we aren’t going to kick you out,” also adding a bit of advice, stating that “it’s ok to move and to breathe.” 

“The best part of the play is meeting everyone as well as everyone hypes you up,” Taylor told us.

Carter stated that to him, the nerves are the hardest part.