Why are phones an issue?

Are cell phones too much of a distraction?


James Carson, Makayla Thomas, Leticia Durback, and Cruise Jones work in the journalism classroom without their cellphones as distractions.

What is the impact that cell phones have in the classroom? Some people will argue that cell phones are a big asset in school and some believe that cell phones are nothing but a useless distraction.

“I think that cell phones could be a real asset to us as students, however I do see how they can become an issue when it comes to having to pay attention to the things that are important,” said by Miranda Villarreal, a junior at Highland. 

Parents constantly wonder why their students are getting failing grades. Maybe it’s because they struggle and just need help, or it could be that students are on their phones during instruction.

A lot of teachers get emails from angry parents asking why their student is failing.

Film and English teacher Mark Ritcher can account of the time that he had parents emailing him in rage wondering why their students are failing, but a teacher can only do so much to make sure a student is successful. At some point, the rest is up to the student. Wasting class time and being on your phone can very much be a factor in a student getting bad grades.

According to CNN, banning cell phones from schools can show a wide range of improvement in the way students function in the classroom. This study was taken by 91 schools in England, and showed that when they banned cell phones, test scores improved by 6.4%. These results show that students are more likely to be distracted if cell phones are allowed in the classroom.