Horns up vs Horns down

With Poky High saying horns up, Jenna Wilcox started the theme and cheer, “horns up”

Reghan Anderson, Reporter

With the score sitting at 40-39 and 6.7 seconds sitting on the clock, a timeout was called. Returning from the timeout Pocatello sophomore, Taylor Bunderson, attempts to shoot a basket. Saydree Bell who is guarding Bunderson steals the ball and passes it to Khalia Pongah who sprints to the basket with barely not enough time to complete her layup. Though no more points were put on the board the student section erupted yelling, “who’s your daddy?” towards Pocatellos bench and student section. Following that, “I believe that we have won,” echoed through the gym. 

Since Pocatello changed mascots and started saying horns down, Vice Principal Jenna Wilcox has started the theme and cheer of “horns up” amongst the student body in hopes to stir things up.

Because of the similar themes, Highland decided to wear horns up t-shirts to the game, while Pocatello’s theme was white out. 

Throughout the game several cheers came from Pocatello’s student section during free throws. As Saydree Bell lined up for a shot after getting fouled and Tambree Bell waited on the sideline, ready to be put in, they cheered “not your sister” and “daddys money.” Bell laughed going on to make both of her shots. Later, Kayzee Vaughn, lined up for her shot as Pocatello yelled “spray tan.” Following the game Vaughn posted a picture of both herself and Bell with the words “Daddy’s money and spray tan coming at you with the win tn.”

Bell’s father, Troy Bell, also took to social media tweeting “Guess who will never get another donation? Daddy’s money no more.”